Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

The ED Work of Leaders is a personalized learning classroom experience that brings together the best practices from 300 experts in over 150 organizations; the work of prominent scholars and more than four years of additional research and development. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders facilitation kit lays out a clear path for helping leaders at all levels make the connection between their DiSC® style and leadership. This all-inclusive classroom and online program approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship (as opposed to the one-to-one relationship explored in Everything DiSC Management). The objective is to provide participants with an actionable path to make them more effective leaders, with one unified model of leadership – Vision, Alignment and Execution. It helps leaders understand how their leadership styles and tendencies influence their effectiveness in leadership situations.


  • Learning Modules: Five 60-90-minute modules, including fully-scripted facilitation dialogue to use with experiential learning activities and thought-provoking group discussions.
    • Module 1: Introduction to Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Facilitation Kit
      • Explores how DiSC styles inform the role of leaders and introduce the eight priorities of the Everything DiSC Leadership Map. 60-70 minutes.
    • Module 2: Vision
      • Examines the defining elements of a vision, the behaviors associated with its three drivers—exploration, boldness, testing assumptions—and challenges learners to discover the advantages and disadvantages of their tendencies in this area. 75-90 minutes.
    • Module 3: Alignment
      • Examines the defining elements of alignment, the behaviors associated with its three drivers—clarity, dialogue, inspiration—and challenges learners to discover the advantages and disadvantages of their tendencies in this area. 80-90 minutes.
    • Module 4: Execution
      • Examines the defining elements of execution, the behaviors associated with its three drivers—momentum, structure, feedback—and challenges learners to discover the advantages and disadvantages of their tendencies in this area. 60-75 minutes.
    • Module 5: Action Planning
      • Role-playing interview simulation engages learners in identifying their strengths and challenges in each of the three key areas of the Work of Leaders model and, selecting one key challenge area, crafting a complete action plan for improvement. 60-75 minutes.
  • Video clips Are easily customizable for an end-to-end leadership development program or to concentrate on specific areas. Switch out video clips. Modify the PowerPoint presentation, Leader’s Guide, and handouts. Add or delete sections to fit any timeframe.
  • Video segments: 17 Engaging video segments of contemporary leadership examples, that may be used as stand-alone clips or integrated with the facilitation PowerPoint or a custom PowerPoint presentation.
  • 36 dynamic podcast segments: These are specific to one of the three components of the Work of Leaders model—vision, alignment, and execution. Learn first-hand how to interpret Work of Leaders continua to answer participant questions. Provides insightful information that is not available anywhere else.
  • Leader’s Guide in MS Word (customizable)
  • PowerPoint with embedded video (customizable)
  • Stand-alone, menu-driven video
  • Participant handouts in MS Word (customizable)
  • Sample of Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile
  • Work of Leaders posters
  • Templates and images
  • Online resources and research


  • Optional Activity: Everything DiSC Comparison Report
    An insightful and robust 10-page research-validated report highlighting
    the DiSC profiles of any two individuals—regardless if they have taken different Everything DiSC profiles, such as a Manager and a direct report who has completed Everything DiSC Workplace. The report illustrates their similarities and differences, potential roadblocks in working together, and practical tips for improving working relationships between colleagues. A sample Everything DiSC Comparison Report is provided free with the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Facilitator Toolkit.
  •  Optional Activity: Discovering DiSC
    Takes participants step-by-step through the framework of the DiSC model to help them identify their style and explore the priorities that drive them as leaders.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®: Introduction

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®: Effective Alignment


We believe that leaders are made. Through careful nurturing, structured learning, and enriching experience. Nurture wins over nature.


We believe that humans have an unlimited capacity to learn. You may differ in your natural talents, preferences, and learning styles; but YOU can be whatever YOU set out to be. The world is your oyster!


The role of a facilitator and trainer in adult learning, is to challenge the assumptions,reframe the experience, and change perspectives. They enable learning by creating conversations that enable the learners to reflect on their own personalities, experiences, and priorities.


Teamwork that leads to high, consistent performance, represents the highest form of competitive advantage. Teamwork is not a function of time, role, or situation, but is an outcome of a collective goal – a conscious, consistent, and targeted effort by each of the team members.

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