Hiring Expert Certification

Hiring Expert Certification

Are you looking to make your hiring process more effective and efficient? Do you find the selection of new team members fraught with uncertainties and risks? Hiring the right candidate involves more than just reviewing resumes; it requires a deep understanding of both the tangible and intangible qualities that predict success in a role. Strengthscape’s Hiring Expert Certification Program equips business managers with the advanced skills needed to make informed hiring decisions, thus ensuring that each new hire contributes positively to the organization’s culture and goals.

The Cost of Mis-Hires and the Importance of Competency-Based Interviewing

A mis-hire can cost an organization up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings due to lost productivity, diminished morale, and various recruitment expenses. Our program trains hiring managers to use competency-based interviewing techniques, emphasizing a structured interviewing process that includes understanding body language, negotiating, and eliminating biases. This approach not only reduces the financial risks associated with poor hiring decisions but also strengthens the organization’s workforce.

Program Benefits

By participating in our comprehensive training, hiring managers will:

  • Understand the qualitative and quantitative impacts of poor hiring decisions.
  • Learn strategies to mitigate common interviewing biases.
  • Assess candidates’ skills and behaviors effectively.
  • Interpret candidate body language, motivations, and stress indicators.
  • Align candidate competencies with organizational needs.
  • Enhance the candidate experience through a structured interview process.
  • Develop skills in negotiation and candidate engagement.

Target Audience

This program is ideal for HR professionals, team leaders, and business managers actively involved in the recruitment process. Our customized approach ensures that the content is relevant to the unique challenges and needs of each participant.

Advanced Learning Methodologies

Our pedagogy combines various advanced learning methodologies:

  • Structured Learning: We use instructional methodologies and spaced learning techniques, incorporating games, activities, and case studies to reinforce learning.
  • Supervisor Engagement: Early engagement with supervisors helps tailor the training to align with organizational contexts and priorities.
  • Psychometric Assessments: Tools like the Everything DiSC Workplace profile enable managers to better understand and evaluate candidates.
  • One-to-One & Group Coaching: Personalized coaching helps managers develop interviewing styles that match their natural behavioral preferences.
  • Peer Learning: Facilitated sessions encourage sharing and collaboration among peers, enhancing learning through community support.
  • Action Learning: Real-world projects and reflection sessions provide practical experience and continuous personal development.

Program Customization and Rollout

The Hiring Expert Certification consists of four virtual instructor-led training sessions, each lasting three hours. Participants engage in role plays, structured inquiries, and receive personalized feedback. Between sessions, assignments and real-world application ensure that learning is reinforced and applied.

Our Differentiators

Strengthscape sets itself apart with:

  • Contemporary Spaced Pedagogy: Our learning methods are designed to maximize retention and engagement.
  • Immediate Application of Learning: Tools and templates provided during training can be immediately implemented.
  • Engaging Facilitation: Our experienced facilitators bring real-life hiring expertise to the training environment.

Call to Action

Ready to transform your hiring process and ensure you make the best hiring decisions every time? Contact us for Strengthscape’s Hiring Expert Certification Program today and empower your team with the skills to hire smartly and effectively.


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