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Measuring spatial reasoning abilities

REASONING-SPATIAL tests, aka spatial aptitude tests, are used as part of the pre-interview screening process to determine whether candidates can recognize patterns, assess figures from multiple perspectives, and visualize forms both in three- and two-dimensional space.

Every day we face situations that call for our spatial abilities. Locating yourself in the street, analyzing diagrams and plans, playing video games, or picturing how things might look from another angle all involve our spatial reasoning abilities.

As its most basic, spatial reasoning involves the ability to create, understand and differentiate spatial patterns, along with drawing conclusions and solving problems based on these visualizations.

REASONING-SPATIAL measures the spatial reasoning abilities of an individual and offers a reliable estimation of his ability to combine concepts based on projective skills.

These abilities are of most importance in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), but they can also be useful in other professions, as spatial intelligence goes beyond cognitive skills providing a more comprehensive view of ideas and concepts.



STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and no- STEM professions such as marketing or design



English, French, Spanish, Hindi, and Nepali



8  questions



16 minutes maximum (timed)


REASONING – SPATIAL assessment is recommended for recruitment to positions in STEM domains in particular, but also for jobs that require mental manipulation of 2D and 3D objects. People with high spatial abilities would be more comfortable interpreting diagrams and graphs, or generating abstract and schematic mental images.

Nowadays, the student potential is evaluated mainly on the basis of verbal and numerical abilities, spatial skills are often ignored. As a result, students with excellent spatial skills who do not perform well on verbal or numerical tests are at a disadvantage. Thus, STEM courses such as those in the engineering and physical sciences are missing talented students during the admissions. Recent studies have shown that spatial ability can play an important role in the development of creative thinking and innovation. By detecting and cultivating these skills, universities and business schools may offer better opportunities to improve student innovation potential.

Strong points

Evaluates a candidate’s general intelligence (IQ)

Uses original and varied questions

Provides detailed solutions to the questions

General description of reasoning abilities


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