While biases may have immense evolutionary and physiological value, it’s not recognizing biases that can lead to bad decisions at work, it’s when biases are left untethered that they seep into every decision making, group priorities, organization culture, hiring, and management and lead to suboptimal working environments. Companies with diverse and inclusive teams lead to better business decisions. Diversity, of all kinds, is helpful in breaking biased attitudes and in promoting a more balanced way of decision making.  

Many organizations and training programs talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion at the workplace. But very few talk about unconscious bias. Strengthscape’s Unconscious Bias: How New Managers can be Fair and Transparent Webinar is here to turn the tables. This webinar relates to new managers and helps them build strong interpersonal skills, improve decision-making and problem-solving and build rapport in cross-cultural situations, use diplomacy, and build trust in everyday transactions at the workplace. The webinar aims to explore numerous cognitive biases hidden in everyday practices, and define ways for recognizing and breaking biased attitudes.  

Key Takeaways 

This webinar will help new managers understand the concept of unconscious bias and how it affects our everyday workplace interactions. New managers will gain a comprehensive understanding of conscious vs unconscious bias and the types of bias at work. A new manager will learn to break biased attitudes mainly in four areas at the workplace: recruitment, problem solving, performance review and people engagement. The webinar also helps new managers build bias awareness, create structures to support decision making and make democratic and objective decisions.