Know the Importance of Motivation in Management

Know the Importance of Motivation in Management

The importance of motivation in management is immense. The importance can be understood from the fact that organizations and companies of various sizes can look forward to reaping several benefits because of the motivation factor.

Let us look at some of these benefits.

1. Gets the Best Out of Human Resources

Every organization needs financial, physical, and human resources to deliver on all counts and achieve desired results. To make the best use of human resources available, motivation in management is the key. By motivating employees, it is possible to build willingness in them to work further and in securing the best possible results for the organization.

2. Employee Efficiency Improves Considerably

It is not the abilities and qualifications that determine the level of an employee or a subordinate. To get the best results possible from an employee, one needs to fill the gap between willingness and ability that helps improve the levels of performance of employees. All this will result in increased productivity, improved overall efficiency, and reduced operational costs.

3. Encourages Employee Satisfaction and Builds Friendly Relationship

In order to ensure employee satisfaction, it is important to motivate them on a regular basis. One of the ways we can achieve this is through framing and executing an incentive plan. When such a plan is executed to perfection it can easily lead to the initiation of things like monetary and non-monetary incentives, disincentives for inefficient employees, and opportunities for eligible employees for promotions. Motivation in management also builds on friendly relationships that can result in maximization of profits through increased productivity.

4. Ensures Workforce Stability

For any organization to maintain goodwill and reputation, it is important that the workforce is stable. The organization can ensure the loyalty of employees when they feel a part of management activities. Motivating the employees will make them feel good and satisfied and this can lead to stability in the long term.

It is for all the above reasons motivation trainings for managers are provided so that they are able to motivate their subordinates and get the best out of them for the growth of the organization.

Now, just as employees need to be motivated regularly to keep them going and work towards the growth of the organization, it is important that managers are motivated too! Motivated professionals are able to do the same for their employees. Research has shown time and again that well-motivated managers have been able to motive their subordinates and get the best out of them.

So, when you do show some respect and words of appreciation to your manager, it shows on them. After all, everyone likes appreciation and words of encouragement and there are no exceptions to this.

Here are Some Ways How to Motivate Your Boss

  1. It takes a lot of time, business and personal acumen and effort to lead a team. Therefore, as a team member, when you say thank you with a quick email, a smile or a card, it makes a lot of difference to your manager. Remember to pamper your boss once in a while!
  2. Chances are that you may have noticed a problem in a system that your boss may have overlooked. For example, you can offer a suggestion to your boss for boosting declining sales. Who knows, if it is good, the manager will embrace it and feel food.
  3. As far as possible, adhere to all the requests made by your boss. The idea is to indicate him that you recognize his role as a manager and are willing to accept it.