Leadership Insights with Agile EQ

Leadership Insights with Agile EQ

In today’s world, adaptability and emotional intelligence (EI) are more valuable than ever. Leaders are expected to navigate complex workplace dynamics with both finesse and empathy. Recognizing these challenges, Strengthscape’s “Leadership Insights with Agile EQ” program emerges as a crucial resource. It caters to both emerging and established leaders who are keen to boost their EI through structured development. This program utilizes the transformative potential of the Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile, a tool specifically designed to enhance leadership effectiveness. It does so by fostering self-awareness and honing adaptable interpersonal skills.

Understanding the Agile EQ Profile

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile serves as the cornerstone of the program. Tailored to refine the EI of leaders, the profile facilitates a deep understanding of one’s emotional and interpersonal behaviors, which are critical in leadership roles. The assessment is efficiently administered via an online platform, requiring just 20-30 minutes to complete. Participants answer a range of behavioral questions, the results of which generate a detailed, 26-page personalized report. This report delineates their primary DiSC style and the associated EQ mindsets, providing a comprehensive blueprint of their emotional intelligence landscape.

Insights and Impact

The Agile EQ Profile offers a multi-dimensional view of a leader’s emotional intelligence by focusing on several key areas:

  • DiSC Style Discovery: This identifies how a leader’s primary DiSC style influences their interactions and decision-making, impacting their overall leadership approach.
  • EQ Strengths Identification: It highlights inherent emotional intelligence strengths, which are crucial for effective team management and leadership.
  • Potential for EQ Development: The profile pinpoints areas for potential growth, encouraging leaders to extend their emotional capabilities beyond their instinctive responses.

The Eight EQ Mindsets

Integral to this profile are the eight EQ mindsets that provide a framework for understanding and developing a leader’s emotional agility:

  1. Dynamic: Prioritizes adaptability and openness to change.
  2. Empathizing: Focuses on understanding and valuing others’ perspectives and emotions.
  3. Objective: Values logical and impartial analysis in decision-making.
  4. Self-Assured: Cultivates confidence in one’s decisions and leadership style.
  5. Outgoing: Encourages open and sociable engagement with team members.
  6. Receptive: Open to feedback and new ideas, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  7. Composed: Maintains calm and control in high-pressure situations.
  8. Resolute: Demonstrates determination and a strong focus on achieving set goals.

Program Delivery and Benefits

The “Leadership Insights with Agile EQ” program is delivered through a half-day workshop facilitated by Strengthscape’s experienced trainers. This interactive session not only educates leaders about their inherent EQ strengths but also coaches them on strategies to develop less natural areas of emotional intelligence. The workshop format encourages active learning and engagement, ensuring that participants can practice and internalize strategies in real-time.

Furthermore, the program includes access to follow-up resources such as the MyEverythingDiSC portal. This online tool provides ongoing access to comparative insights and practical tips, allowing leaders to continue their development beyond the initial training. It offers an invaluable platform for leaders to enhance their understanding of DiSC models and apply this knowledge to optimize team dynamics.


“Leadership Insights with Agile EQ” by Strengthscape is a vital program for leaders aiming to harness emotional intelligence to tackle complex workplace challenges and lead high-performing teams. This program helps leaders develop a profound understanding of both themselves and their teams. With Agile EQ, leaders are more effectively equipped to promote a thriving agile culture, meeting the demands of modern organizational environments.