The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Model

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Model

What differentiates a great leader from a good one is their extent of awareness of what makes them effective. Leaders require having very clear insights on what their strengths and weaknesses are and use this awareness to enhance the leadership style. They should then be able to use their strengths to create the right vision for the organisation, elevate the potential of their people and put their efforts on track to make the vision a reality. But the problem is that many leaders have very abstract ideas about what really makes them who they are – mostly assumptions which they have built over the years from their own experiences or from feedback they have received from others which may not be very credible. Every leader requires a reliable tool which is based on well researched constructs which are centred on leadership best practices to increase their self-awareness. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders model fits this description to the “t”.

Introduction to the Profile:

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders helps leaders understand their own behaviour and offers personalised tips on using their strengths to increase leadership effectiveness in the framework of vision, alignment and execution – the three steps in the leadership process. The profile has been developed from over four years of research, on three decades of literature on leadership practices. Leadership best practices used in a profile have been identified from interactions with over 300 domain experts from over 150 businesses and over a million leaders have been assessed using the profile. Reinforced by the reliability of DiSC profiles, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is a preferred tool for supporting leadership training interventions across the world.

The Model:

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders model segregates the leadership process into three steps – crafting a vision, aligning people towards the vision and championing execution for making the vision a reality. Though each leader may have different priorities, depending on their functional area or level in the organisation, the model suggests that these three steps can broadly define what most leaders require to do, to get to their objectives.

Each of the steps is then associated with a set of three drivers which are the factors that act towards helping the leader successfully complete each step. Each step is then associated with a set of three drivers which are the factors that act towards helping the leader successfully complete each step. With every driver, there is a combination of two behavioural continua. The behavioural continua are basically two diametrically opposite behaviours placed at either ends of a scaled continuum. The one at the right hand side of the continuum is the preferred leadership best practice.

Using the DiSC Circumflex Model as a the reference, the leader is assessed on 18 behavioural continua and three leadership strengths are identified. Strategies are also recommended for improvement.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Training Program:

Businesses today find it immensely challenging to develop leaders who are capable of steering their ship even through troubled waters. A leadership development program that is centred around a statistically validated and well researched behavioural tool like Everything DiSC Work of Leaders could well be the solution to this challenge.

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, is built on the solid foundation of current age leadership practices and the facilitation is designed to be highly engaging, yet to-the-point. The training is fun-filled with games, activities, group presentations and videos and promises to open up powerful conversations that steer businesses in the right direction. There are off the shelf facilitation kits which are designed in the modular format and also have training material, videos and ideas for experiential learning. This can be used by businesses to roll out high volume training programs at minimal costs.


Most training programs fail to attain their final objectives because of poor or no follow up. The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders guarantees a great mechanism for online follow- up with minimal effort. The EPIC System can be used to generate Comparison Reports for comparing two participants. These reports compare two leaders on the basis of their similarities and differences and provide strategies on how they can adapt better to each other.

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