Everything DiSC Sales for Salespeople

Everything DiSC Sales for Salespeople

It is common for organizations to have sales heroes. At least a few of them. Have you ever wondered what they do differently? How do they succeed? Sales have always been a challenging profession, especially since it is always in the spotlight. Sales and, more recently, customer service are both client-facing functions requiring significant influencing capabilities.  

Establishing rapport requires conscious effort. Is this a natural talent or is it something that can be learned? Do all successful sales professionals have strong relationship-building and influence skills?Everything DiSC Sales helps us understand how sales professionals can adapt their communication style. Connecting with the customer involves communicating in a way that resonates with the customer, not necessarily the way in which the sales representative would prefer. 

By using the DiSC behavioral model, we can understand how to identify and tailor our message to reach the customer’s mental map. It examines how people interact and what motivates and challenges their behavior. This process is known as flexing in the DiSC language. 

Do you consider flexing to be manipulative in nature? Not at all. Consider the case of a client who makes thoughtful and slow decisions. Whenever possible, she likes to ensure that all the facts and figures are present and that all risks have been mitigated. As a salesperson, what do you do? Play to your client’s style, be humble and provide all the data and information that the client requires to make an informed decision.

The DiSC model helps us to understand and adapt our behavior. When we change our behavior to match the other person’s style, we are more likely to be perceived favourably by them. We can adapt to our customers’ preferences when we understand their style. The Everything DiSC Sales Profile provides insight into the sales process.

Designed to help salespeople make customer-centric interactions that enable them to improve results, Everything DiSC Sales® is a personalized learning experience. As a participant in the course, you will learn how to adjust your sales style to meet the customer’s needs and expectations, regardless of the buying style preferred by the customer. It entails a sales-specific approach with deep information, containing tips, strategies, and plans to assist salespeople in becoming more successful 

Everything DiSC is an excellent tool to include in your sales training program. Moreover, by using the EPIC account to generate Customer Interaction Maps, users can enable their sales team to continuously engage with their customers in a positive manner.

Although the DiSC certification is targeted towards trainers and HR professionals, salespeople who wish to master behavioural flexibility and become more effective professionals would greatly benefit from it. 

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