Training employees is a challenging job to do. Furthermore, it is a job that requires a huge responsibility. It also involves effectively motivating individuals and making them skillful employees. As a learning and development managers, here are a few key skills which might be helpful for you in fulfilling these challenges successfully.

Knowledge About the Organization

It is important for a learning and development manager to have thorough knowledge about the organization they are working in. They should know what the company does and how does it do that in a short and simple sentence.

Most corporate training aim at maximizing the resources of the company and building an efficient and productive workplace.  The other things which you should consider are:

  • Firstly, how was the product bought, sold, and delivered to the customers?
  • Secondly, what is the reason for the existence of your product, and what is the problem being solved.
  • Then, how does the industry operate and meet the bottom line?
  • Lastly, how are the competitors, and what are the new business trends in this industry.

Measuring and Assessing Staff Training Needs

Before a training program, the introspection of the team or the organization is necessary. As a manager, you should conduct an in-depth training need analysis before the training process. By doing this we can determine two things- i) what is the requirement of the team, and ii) prioritizing the learning.

As an effective L&D manager, you need to read between the lines and be critical about the need for training. For example, you may be notified that a particular division in your organization is not giving the expected results. As a recommendation, you might also be advised to do the basic training of the employees.

But as a good Learning and Development, you will know that lack of productivity is just a symptom. The real problem is something different and it is just affecting productivity. The problem might range from distracting environment and technological charges to losing focus and getting confusing instructions from the team manager.

Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills

It is essential for a good manager to be highly effective in all types of communication and interpersonal skills. For understanding the problems, conveying the ideas, and conducting the training sessions, you have to be a good communicator. It is a challenge for the manager who has trouble communicating. They will not be able to motivate their staff properly or explain the need for the training to the employees.

Effective managers should master their people skills. Along with good and effective communication, problem-solving skills are essential and are always a quality of a good manager.

Being Efficient

With resource constraints, it is critical that learning and development managers are efficient.

Innovative Thinking

The prospects of a training session can be anyone from corporate executives to fresher employees. Each one of us has experienced several meetings and boring presentations. A learning and development manager must be innovative to ensure that learning initiatives are interesting and ensure learning for all kinds of audiences.

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