eLearning or “electronic learning” is a term that describes education using electronic devices and digital media. It is simply learning through the Internet. eLearning caters to the needs of different types of learners, who wouldn’t normally do as well in a traditional learning environment. eLearning compliments the classroom with more features to make it an even more enjoyable and creative experience for the learners. eLearning has become a global concept both in education and organizations. It enables the provision of information and education beyond national boundaries. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the global dominance of eLearning.

eLearning and its Global Impact

The process by which businesses and organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale is globalization. The dominance of eLearning has grown due to advances in transportation and communication technology and such technologies have found their way into transforming various aspects of education and training. Although there are many terms such as hybrid learning, blended learning, technology-enhanced learning, and so on, the term eLearning is the one used especially as it can be seen to encompass all aspects of learning using all aspects of electronic technologies and is thus making a considerable impact on education and training.

Remarkable e-learning developments in information technology and global networking have globalized the concept of eLearning. It has widened the horizons of traditional learning and created opportunities for education for all learners. eLearning is the cutting edge of lifelong learning and is based on the concept of creating a media-rich collaborative virtual experience that offers the benefits like the real physical experience in face-to-face learning and teaching. Many educational institutions are moving in this direction such as Stanford, Colombia, University of Maryland, to name a few. eLearning is thus heading towards globalizing its impact.

The Characteristics and Benefits of eLearning

The answer to how did eLearning become this global relates to its special characteristics and benefits that have made an impact worldwide.

Cost Reduction: With the globalization of eLearning, training has become a sound investment for learners. The need for unnecessary traveling from one-time zone to the next is eliminated. This means one would not have to spend a lot of resources to purchase books and training guides.

Saves Time: In traditional learning methods, a lot of time goes to waste. This isn’t the case when you use eLearning. Technology-based learning saves much time as compared to any classroom-based learning, thus cutting traveling and traditional learning time.

Ensures Personalized Learning: Traditional learning methods limit the number of customized e-learning courses that each learner has access to. However, with the globalization of eLearning, each learner gets the learning that suits their needs.

Some More Points to Consider

Flexibility: eLearning has become highly popular because of its flexibility. It gives the ability to provide access to online learning materials. This gives learners an opportunity to take full control of their online learning experience. They get to learn whenever it is most convenient instead of having to rearrange their schedules.

Greater Satisfaction: eLearning ensures that learners acquire just-in-time online learning. This helps them improve their performance. Online courses are highly productive and innovative and provide creative ways to enhance the learning process.

How did eLearning have this global impact? With the convergence of computer and communication technologies, globalization of knowledge and information has taken place. Projections show that the eLearning market worldwide is forecast to surpass 243 billion U. S. Dollars by 2022 (Forbes, 2016). In other words, the resources and services of one digital library are available to global information seekers via the internet. The dominance of eLearning has thus become a highly popular and globalized concept throughout the world.

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