Navigating Leadership: Essentials for First-Time Manager Training

Navigating Leadership: Essentials for First-Time Manager Training

First-time managers’ training programs contribute significantly to the long-term leadership inventory of any organization. Managers focus on doing the job and an organization with good managers will have greater operational efficiency. So, what are the factors we can consider while planning a first-time manager training program?

  1. Understanding the competencies required in the near future, related to technical, functional, and behavioral competencies.
  2. Understanding the dynamics and priorities of these aspiring leaders.
  3. The ability to develop and deliver measurable and highly effective training programs.
  4. Programs where we can develop content or are available for continuous training development.
  5. Instructional capability in the supervisors of the potential participants.

First Time Managers Training

First-time managers’ training invariably focuses on a range of best practices established within the organization.  It is important to have a conversation with the participants to understand the gaps and aspirations in a structured manner. This helps in providing a roadmap of what to consider when creating a powerful First-time manager interview.

Success Factors

  1. Customization is critical to the training – to be based on individual challenges of real managers and the company’s internal competency framework. This customization provides first-time managers with relevant examples of what to expect in their new leadership role, as opposed to training that only provides general and non-specific information.
  2. FTM programs must contribute – to the aspirations and career paths of early and mid-managers relevant to the company’s context. By aligning the training to the larger competency framework of the organization and by considering the variety of career paths that may result, these programs can provide a predictable and reusable framework for career progression in the organization.
  3. Structured program – A good First-Time Manager program is conducted with ease of understanding and leads to higher absorption. It involves a variety of engagement techniques – one-to-one conversations, group sessions, and psychometric assessments. A good behavioral profile such as Everything DiSC greatly enhances the value of First-time managers’ programs. Peer coaching and buddy systems can be initiated within such programs to bring in a sense of belongingness and high mutual accountability.

Some Important Competencies to be Covered in a Best First-Time Manager Program

  • Coaching conversation
  • Communication and group facilitation
  • Strategic thinking
  • Personal branding
  • Problem-solving and decision making
  • Delegating and directing
  • Managing Upwards

Lately, leaders acknowledge the role of virtual sessions and e-learning-based programs as well. However, In Person training is still the preferred delivery method. Live F2F instructor-led training that is facilitated by experienced trainers and coaches provides a safe environment for feedback-intensive interactive activities such as role-plays, case studies, and lectures.

Strengthscape’s assessment-based approach helps in reinforcing the value of behavioral flexibility in ensuring greater employee engagement and retention. The goal is to ease the transition into the new role of a people manager.

Contact us if you are interested in a first time managers training program that is tailored to the needs of your organization or team.