Design Thinking and Innovation are creative processes that find innovative solutions to old or new business and human problems. This definition means that the process of Design Thinking and Innovation facilitator training can be applied to any problem – not just designing innovative products or services but functions like HR, Finance, Sales, etc. can use its principles to become more innovative in their approach.

Why Design Thinking and Innovation Facilitator Training?

Design Thinking and Innovation have become the way to success in the new age economy where you either reinvent yourself constantly or become redundant. Innovation may sound like a creative endeavor that happens by chance. However, any practitioner of innovation will tell you that it is a highly structured process. An artist waits for inspiration to come to them. But an innovator actively seeks inspiration through a structured process. He then works with that inspiration to create a product or service that is innovative.

This means that an expert needs to facilitate the process of innovation so that wild ideas can become concrete offerings. Here is where there is a need for trained facilitators who understand the process of innovation and can guide a group through the process of innovation in a structured manner. So, if you are looking to become a Design Thinking or Innovation facilitator, the first thing you need to do is enroll in a training program to become an expert Design Thinking and Innovation Facilitator.

What are the Skills Required by Design Thinking and Innovation Facilitators?

  • Ability to think creatively and apply creative thinking processes
  • Listen and nudge the group in the right direction without controlling or dominating the conversations
  • Ability to manage time effectively so that systematic conversations take place.
  • Manage disagreements and conflict effectively
  • Ability to hold the attention of the group through facilitation techniques and skills

What Does Design Thinking & Innovation Facilitators Training Include?

Design Thinking and Innovation facilitators are responsible for driving innovation within the organization or in specific functions within the organization’s development. These facilitators can build and promote a culture of innovation within the organization.

The Design Thinking and Innovation Facilitator will generally include the following elements:

  1. Understanding Design Thinking and Innovation – Participants should first learn the basic meaning and benefits of Design Thinking and Innovation. They should also gain an understanding of how they can apply Design Thinking and Innovation to various functions in the organization.
  2. Process – The second step should be for the facilitators to understand the process of design thinking and innovation.
  3. Tools and Techniques – Next, it is critical for facilitators of design thinking and innovation workshops to be aware of the tools and techniques of the innovation process. The facilitator should be able to use various tools and techniques depending on the type of innovation workshop they are facilitating.
  4. Facilitation Skills – Last but not least, a design thinking, and innovation facilitator needs to learn effective facilitation techniques so that they are able to facilitate these workshops effectively and achieve group objectives.

Who Should Attend a Design Thinking & Innovation Facilitator Training?

  • Senior Management Executives
  • Product Managers
  • Experienced Project Managers and Innovators
  • Senior Human Resource Professionals
  • Trainers and Coaches

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