In today’s fast paced online learning era, Instructional Design (ID) is a robust tool.  Instructional Designing is the art of designing well-structured and effective learning/training material that is deployed online via a multi-media platform. It is considered to be an applied science, since it is an amalgamation of multiple subjects such as psychology, neuroscience, and creative writing. It is a common misconception that ID is meant just for instructional designers! In fact, Instructional Design is an approach that is of great essence not only for people pursuing instructional design as a career, but for the training industry (for a variety of sectors ranging from manufacturing to IT) at large. Using this approach, trainers, e-learning developers, and instructional designers create quite effective, impactful, self-paced, and efficient learning experiences for learners of all ages!

Singapore in the recent times is facing a great deal of demand for certified instructional designers in order to meet the requirement for developing impactful online training for a plethora of industries. Since the virtual learning world is a highly advantageous option available these days, where distance hardly matters, Strengthscape offers one of the best online instructional design courses for Singapore.

The Instructional Design certification offered by Strengthscape has a well-defined structured approach. It offers its learners with the flexibility to select whichever module they would like to take up first, depending on their requirement. It is one of the best online instructional design courses for the Singapore target audience. The objective of this course is to build the required skills and impart knowledge to the learners on how to write effective learning content using instructional design principles and methodologies. Starting with the basics, the course delves into how to apply this knowledge to practical situations and design effective training material.

Why is the Instructional Design certification relevant for professionals in Singapore?

Soft-skill trainers as well as technical trainers who will take up this instructional design certification will be able to generate a sustainable business proposition for themselves as certified instructional designers in Singapore. The certification will also assist them to fill in the gaps between their short term and long term instructional design assignments. Since it is research based, the ID assignments are best suited for those individuals who like to work from the comforts of their own homes. Although ID can be applied to any medium of learning, yet it is nowadays used extensively to create online learning courses which are in high demand in Singapore. Trainers who wish to build their market credibility and accomplish relevant experience in creating gamification based learning, simulations, animation, and assessments will gain a lot from this one of the best online instructional design courses for Singapore offered by Strengthscape.

Who should opt for the Instructional Design Certification in Singapore?

  • Trainers (Soft Skill and Technical)
  • Educators and Teachers
  • Curriculum developers
  • Training coordinators or Managers
  • Human Resource professionals
  • Learning and Organization Development Experts
  • Individuals seeking a career in the ID field
  • Professionals who have moved on to a training role in their department

Benefits of the Instructional Design Certification from Strengthscape

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the adult learning patterns.
  • Explore the traditional Instructional Design theories and concepts.
  • Analyze the learning or training needs of the target audience and design effective learning content.
  • Learn how to integrate blended learning into a unified program with the help of digital platforms
  • Learn and Compare the working knowledge of various rapid authoring tools.

By taking this certification, you will be able to create engaging online training courses that will ensure that you grab the attention of your target audience and facilitate them to retain the knowledge or skills learnt, thereby making training a worthwhile investment. So are you ready to be a part of one of the best online Instructional Design Certification courses in Singapore?