What Does It Mean to Be a Diversity and Inclusion Champion

What Does It Mean to Be a Diversity and Inclusion Champion

Sundar Pichai has rightly said – “ A diverse mix of voices leads to a better discussion, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” It’s very crucial for every organization to have a diverse and inclusive workforce as it helps in making better decisions up to 87% (Source: Cloverpop Survey Report).

Having a diverse workforce leads to better decision-making because it helps to keep the biases in control and people question their assumptions also. This leads to a better and happier workplace (Source: Harvard Business Review writer).

But creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce is a challenge and everyone has to come together to ensure that the workplace is culturally diverse and inclusive. So, to make this possible, each organization needs a Diversity and Inclusion Champion.

Diversity & Inclusion Champion Certification

Who is a Diversity and Inclusion Champion?

Diversity and Inclusion champion helps in reducing or removing the bias and discrimination that employees face regarding their skin color, customs, language, etc. The designated role also spread awareness about the issues related to diversity and inclusion to promote equality in the team. The designated role organizes the session where diversity is celebrated.

Why Have This Particular Role in Your Organisation?

It’s extremely important to have an organization where there are no unconscious biases and discrimination. This will make employees feel valued and safer. In order to ensure a bias-free workplace, D&I Champion is needed. The designated role also supports the HR team to make inclusive policies where every employee gets an equal and fair chance for every opportunity. Facilitate training on diversity and inclusion at the workplace so that everyone can be aware of it. Helps the organization to understand the importance of diversity and makes them aware of the trends that other organizations follow regarding diversity.

Key Responsibilities of Diversity and Inclusion Champion.

  • Encourages best practices in the organization where every employee feels equal and important.
  • Facilitate conventions around Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Creates a good relationship among employees by telling the importance of diverse culture.
  • Helps in making anti-discriminatory policies for the organization.
  • Engages employees in activities where equality is promoted to raise awareness among them.
  • Helps the person who suffers from discriminatory behavior.
  • Encourages collaboration among peers to make the workplace more cohesive.
  • Organises events where diversity can be celebrated.

Perks Of Having A D&I Champion.

  • Employees will be aware of different cultures which in turn helps in reducing unconscious bias or stereotypes towards varied cultures.
  • Employees will feel important and psychologically safe in the organization.
  • Employees who face discrimination can reach out for help and will get justice also.
  • As racial discrimination at the workplace is one of the reasons for employees to leave the organization, having a D&I Champion will reduce that.
  • Training on D&I will help to sensitize employees toward culturally diverse peers.
  • The culturally diverse and inclusive organization will attract the best pool of talent from various parts of the nation and world.
  • D&I Champion helps the organization to have inclusive policies which ultimately help the business to grow faster.

Who Can Be A D&I Champion?

An individual who is motivated to promote equality at the workplace, is aware of different cultures, is free from racial stereotypes, and doesn’t let any unconscious bias affect his/her work and views can be a good fit for the role of D&I Champion. He/she has to undergo the training in cultural sensitivity which will enhance her skills.

D&I Champion brings growth and development to the organization as well as to the employees. The role promotes a culture of acceptance and respect which fosters the success of the organization. So, to make an organization where everyone respects each other and builds upon each other views, it’s important to have a D&I Champion.

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