What Makes a Transformational Leader?

What Makes a Transformational Leader?

There are a certain set of characteristics that define transformational leaders and make them stand out from other leaders. There are some characteristics that are core to every kind of leadership like good judgment, communication skills, good interpersonal skills, confidence, and good knowledge or competence. These are essential characteristics that each leader should have but transformational leaders outgrow other leaders by having additional and impactful characteristics.

Characteristics that Help the Organization to Grow Effectively

1. Firstly, transformational leaders’ motivation and self-managed.

    1. Transformational leaders are always intrinsically motivated and use this motivation as a driving force to manage a large group of people and direct them to achieve their goals.
    2. Leaders love what they do. In this manner, they motivate others to work and try to align their values with the organizational values.

2.Secondly, they keep their ego in check.

    1. Transformational leaders keep their egos in check and don’t let the power get in their heads. This is a very crucial thing and it helps the organizations as leaders stay humble and approachable towards their employees. Leaders will keep employees’ concerns and the growth of the company over personal gain.
    2. Employees also feel comfortable with the leader and can easily approach them with anything. For a transformational leader success of the company means their own success.

3. Transformational leaders have the ability to make difficult decisions.

    1. Transformational leaders don’t take a step back during a time of crisis. They align the situation with the overall objectives, vision, and values of the company, and understand and analyze the situation.
    2. Then they make decisions and they do consider other people’s points of view before making one.

Some More Characteristics

1. Transformational leaders are willing to take informed risks.

    1. Transformational leaders are always willing to take informed risks which means that they don’t directly take risky decisions. Instead, they understand the situation first, create alternates, and then choose the option which is least risky or creates less loss for the company.
    2. It’s important to take informed risks rather than just making decisions without understanding the intensity of the situation.

2. Transformational leaders are adaptable.

    1. Transformational leaders are very adaptable and always seek ways to respond accurately to new situations. They know that the business environment is very dynamic and there is no place for the leaders who standstill.
    2. Transformational leaders are always open to change and are lifelong learners.

3. Transformational leaders are conscious of their organization.

    1. They know what actions can evoke change, what decisions will lead to growth, what things will spur innovation, etc.
    2. Their own values align with the organization’s values which create a joint purpose to improve the organization and themselves.

4. Lastly, transformational leaders are visionary.

    1. Transformational leaders have the ability to communicate the vision and mission of the company to the employees very effectively. They can effectively influence others towards the vision and motivate them to achieve their goals.
    2. Transformational leaders constantly strive to inculcate and maintain these characteristics in order to smoothly lead the team for the better.

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