DiSC Assessment

DiSC Assessment

The DiSC behavioral assessment is a comprehensive assessment on the DiSC styles of an individual. It targets the analysis of each person’s behavioral strengths and challenges along with highlighting their individual perspectives on every task.

The Challenge of Adaptation in Workplaces

Each person tends to function much differently from the others in the same scenario. Most individuals face the challenge of adaptation to new scenarios and people at work. They find it difficult to ‘adapt’ to different individuals and work with them. Often miscommunication is the key to most conflicts in the workplace.

Understanding and Utilizing DiSC Styles

DiSC personality assessment helps an individual understand his/her own DiSC style and understand the most effective ways to communicate and build rapport with others. It highlights the aspects of communication that work or do not work for a particular individual. The aspects measured in these tests are highly measurable and quantifiable. The best feature of these assessments is the graphical representation of the DiSC personalities of each individual.

Scope of DiSC Assessments

Therefore the DiSC personality test specifically measures one’s tendencies or preferences. It decodes the format of a person’s behavior. It does not however measure a person’s intelligence, moral values, principles, aptitude, or mental health. It measures the various aspects of behavioral priorities. These measurements are generated by one’s own responses to the behavior that they most identify with.

Behavior Analysis Through DiSC

The tool tries to analyze a person’s behavior in different situations. It tries to understand the pace at which a person prefers to function, his/her willingness to adapt to change, resistance to rules or procedures etc. The profile categorically discusses four distinct types or DiSC styles i.e. dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. A person is a blend of each of these traits or but displays one dominant behavioral style. This behavior type may either be innate or even acquired. Certain individuals may majorly belong to one of these categories and still display traits of an opposite category.

Psychology and DiSC Personality Tests

Since the beginning of times in the field of psychology, psychologists have used psychometric for basic analyses. Researchers have tried to understand personality and design methods to measure the traits that make up personality. Research has illustrated the complexity of personality as a whole. It has identified that there are several external, interactive forces that determine one’ personality and are in turn responsible for individual behavior. Although traits are measurable, personality is not.

DiSC Assessments and Psychological Insights

However, DiSC model assessments are built on a far different approach from those used in clinical settings to determine the emotional health of individuals. Psychologists who have studied personality are of the opinion that both personality traits and situations are interactive. This is the primary reason why DiSC assessments are very helpful since they measure behavioral response to the environment. It enables a person to identify and adapt his/her own behavior to situations. It also allows one to be mindful of the people that they could potentially get along with.

One even learns to manage situations by adapting their most effective behavior by stepping out of comfort zones.