Instructional Design Training in Pune

Instructional Design Training in Pune

E-learning has become an attractive training alternative for many companies. The expansion of instructional design capabilities has designers trying to stay afloat in a sea of alluring possibilities. Among the sea of opportunities, training in India and particularly Instructional design training in Pune is worth a mention.

A Sea of Instructional Design Trainings in Pune

Offer PG Diplomas in Instructional Design (PGDID) which provide practical and theoretical skills required to design, deliver and evaluate courseware. Students are facilitated to delve into the theories of Instructional Design with the help of various mediums. These include reading, e-learning modules, and/or practical applications. The aim is the acquisition of professional qualification in Instructional Design and the self-enrichment and improvement of job-related skills.

Organizations nowadays boast of virtual classrooms for Instructional design training in Pune mostly designed for both undergraduates as well as graduates aspiring to move into the lucrative discipline of Instructional Design. Courses take place in a virtual environment which provides the added ease of learning at your own convenience and pace.

Virtual Classroom Method

The objective lies in grooming individuals into Instructional Designers who are proficient in designing courseware and learning new skills. The Virtual Classroom is an effective blend of training videos and training exercises. Certain entities, however, focus on technology-centric training, with expertise and guidance provided to organizations seeking expansion in terms of their training programs and looking at incorporating the next generation of learning. Knowledge-focused instructional design services facilitate content creation solutions. Furthermore, these adopt a scientific approach to content delivery in the form of e-Learnings, ILTs, Virtual Training, and Workshops. They meet learning objectives and above all, promise high levels of user engagement.

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Instructional design training companies in Pune, as with other cities, strive to provide a number of end-to-end instructional design courses via eLearning solutions offering some gamification for learning and adaptive learning products as well as a virtual workspace.

Why is the Strengthscape Instructional Design Course Unique?

Strengthscape’s virtual classes & e-learning programs especially suit all learning styles. By partnering with the world leaders in assessment solutions, Strengthscape brings well-researched and highly reliable tools and assessments for hiring and developing talent. Strengthscape, a leading business psychology firm headquartered in Bangalore presents the International DiSC Trainer Certification – India. Additionally, this training program is delivered by globally renowned facilitators who have rich and diverse experience in the fields of psychology and business. Strengthscape’s Instructional Design Certification course encompasses a new way of learning content designing principles and strategies.

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Strengthscape understands that learning is a process; our course has a structured approach and at the same time gives flexibility to learners to start with whichever module they would like to first go with. Additionally, the course starts with the basics and goes into applying knowledge to practical situations. Leveraging technology, the company delivers the best training and assessment solutions in the comfort of your office/home.

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