Every person is unique. Talent is non-tranferable. When you add predisposition, skills, knowledge, practice and opportunity, you build consistent high performance which leads to increased organizational strength. Strengthscape’s training portfolio consists of programs that are tailored to suit your specific business needs.  They enhance employee performance, boost employee productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve company culture.

“ The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.”

“Leadership is an action, not a position.” Leaders have the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Leaders inspire people to want to do something. Managers hold people accountable for doingo something.

Technology today, is an intrinsic element of all businesses and contributes to the bottom line.

Course IDCourse nameMode of Delivery
SSTP195Negotiation Skills – FoundationVILT/In-Person
SSTP120Everything DiSC® Workplace DebriefVILT/In-Person
SSTP029Advanced Business CommunicationVILT/In-Person
SSTP051Conflict ManagementVILT/In-Person
SSTP340Overcoming Unconscious Bias with DiversityVILT/In-Person
SSTP317Personal TransformationVILT/In-Person
SSTP256Stress ManagementVILT/In-Person
SSTP236Risk TakingVILT/In-Person
Course IDCourse nameMode of Delivery
SSTP354Leading an OrganizationVILT/In-Person
SSTP349Excellence In LeadershipVILT/In-Person
SSTP348Excellence In LeadershipVILT/In-Person
SSTP132Building a Cohesive TeamVILT/In-Person
SSTP200Overcoming Cultural ConundrumsVILT/In-Person
SSTP344Augmented CoachingVILT/In-Person
SSTP345Think Like a CEOVILT/In-Person
SSTP286Work of Leaders ProgramVILT/In-Person
SSTP341Building a Winning CultureVILT/In-Person
SSTP029Advanced Business CommunicationVILT/In-Person
SSTP123Executive PresenceVILT/In-Person
SSTP160Jamavaar ® – A Tapestry of Organizational VisionVILT/In-Person
Course IDCourse nameMode of Delivery
SSTP357Return to WorkVILT/In-Person
SSTP356Proactive Mindset in Early ManagersVILT/In-Person
SSTP334Professional Facilitation SkillsVILT/In-Person
SSTP329DEI Champion CertificationVILT/In-Person
SSTP194Negotiation Skills – AdvancedVILT/In-Person
SSTP153Innovation and Design ThinkingVILT/In-Person
SSTP147Hiring Expert CertificationVILT/In-Person
SSTP342Leading Through ConflictVILT/In-Person
SSTP200Overcoming Cultural ConundrumsVILT/In-Person
SSTP131First Time ManagerVILT/In-Person
Course IDCourse nameMode of Delivery